2K Sports Combo Pack on xbox 360

April 29, 2012
By Greg Smith BRONZE, Mcdonough, Georgia
Greg Smith BRONZE, Mcdonough, Georgia
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Two is Better Than One

Recently, 2K sports came out with the 2K Sports Combo Pack. In this combo pack came MLB 2K12 and NBA 2K12. And with this, came an unprecedented price of 70 dollars. This price is only ten more dollars than a regular Xbox game. Not only do you get twice the fun of these games, but you get them at about half price.

As the twelfth year of MLB 2K, the 2K crew outdid themselves. The game features the regular game modes like my player, exhibition mode, and introduces a new mode called MLB Today Season. This new game mode lets the player pick their favorite baseball team and play the same game as their team plays, on the same day. A deeper look into this game mode shows a side by side comparison of how your team is doing and how the real team is doing. Also gamers who play online have an unlimited amount of people to play with the large online system 2K created. With advanced hitting and pitching controls, the replay ability of this game is very high.

The player game mode is a favorite of many gamers. The game mode lets the gamer pick their player, how they look and lets them choose what position they want to be. The gamer can also pick what team they want to play for. As a young player, they start out in the minor league and have to work their way up to get the call and play in the Bigs.

With a parallel setup, NBA 2K12 is far from the same as MLB 2K12. With different sports, come different challenges. The style of play is challenging, with players having to time releasing the analog stick at the peak of the shot. The game mode of My Player is also in NBA 2K12. Starting in a game to see where you will be picked in the draft, the challenge of the game is there immediately. Being selected in the draft is one of basketball player’s dream, and you get to experience it. With semi similar game modes as MLB 2K12, the replay ability of this game is also very high.

Online gamers will have a blast with all of the different online game modes such as the classic quick match, quick match team up, and opportunities in gaming tournaments. The quick match is just like playing a regular match except you’re playing against another person. The quick match team up is similar to my player except it is a team of my players. Players are assigned a position and play it throughout the game. The tournaments are a true test of player’s NBA skills. Being matched up with some of the best players in the world, can be challenging.

The introduction on NBA Today is revolutionary to this game because it keeps real stats and real scores. With all the NBA games on a day on the game, players can pick and choose who they want to play.

Also new in the NBA franchise, is the introduction of the NBA’s Greatest mode. This game mode allows players to choose from a list of NBA legends and play critical games from the legend’s career. With greats like MJ, Magic Johnson and Dennis Rodman, the game mode was a hit.

With this unprecedented deal, 2K gave gamers an amazing deal in the hard economic times. The games are fun and are very replayable. Hopefully other game producers will take notice of this deal and do similar things with some of their games.

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