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April 26, 2012
By Missael Mercado BRONZE, North Glendale, Arizona
Missael Mercado BRONZE, North Glendale, Arizona
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If you are looking for the fun, realistic experience of football (or “soccer” in the United States), then look no further. “Fifa 09” was no disappointment, and “Fifa 10” has added many features. First, the new 360° dribbling allows players to run in all directions. It is easier to move players, and they look more fluid as they run. There is the Be-a-Pro mode where you can create a player and play throughout his career. You can even insert your face using a special feature.

The animations are another new highlight. There are many that make “Fifa 10” even more fluid. It's fun to tackle players just to see the different animations. The goalkeeper A.I. has been improved too, but not enough. Scoring a chip shot is still a piece of cake. Another problem is that when goalkeepers dive to block the ball, they usually deflect it into an area where strikers can easily shoot it in.

Another problem that I noticed is that balls too often bounce off defenders. Half the time, the ball will roll toward your goal, giving your opponent an easy chance to score. The last problem I found was “ping-pong” passing, or passing the ball up the field by rapidly tapping the pass button. This can easily lead to scoring.

There is another whole world in “Fifa 10” – Fifa Online. You can play a ranked match with another person, or take part in online team play. Here you can play with up to 20 people in one match. Another game mode in Fifa Online is pro club championship; make a team and invite others to join. You will be able to use the player you made in Be-a-Pro. You can play ranked matches and work your way up the leader boards.

All in all, “Fifa 10” expanded in the ways we all wanted it to. The new features are awesome and it will keep you entertained.

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