Sonic Unleashed on Nintendo Wii

March 27, 2012
By theherooftime42 SILVER, Norfolk, Virginia
theherooftime42 SILVER, Norfolk, Virginia
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I am very sorry to say that the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed is the worst Sonic game I have played so far. The Sonic series has some major work to do after this trainwreck.
The best thing I can say this game has to offer is the daytime normal stages due to the imense amount of speed not to mention the fact that it feels like a sonic game should be. But after the first daytime mission stage, the game heads in a complete 90 degree angle. The missions are either lacking excitement or so impossible to do that your better off playing crisis city in the 2006 sonic the hedgehog over and over again.
And if that isnt enough, when the sun sets you turn into sonic the wherehog (don't ask). His stages are by far the most boring as he has absolutely no speed unless youre dashing, and that is still slow but now it seems youre walking on ice. His stages are based on combat which sounds promising, but he only ever does 1 combo and fights the same enemy types over and over.
Sonic Unleashed for the wii is a very bad game, and if you dont see a review for the 360 version (which i will have an included plot summary in if i get to it) consider this the worst sonic game ever.

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