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March 8, 2012
By GoHogs682 BRONZE, Alexander, Arkansas
GoHogs682 BRONZE, Alexander, Arkansas
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The Playstation Vita is a big thing for Sony. The Sony PSP always played second fiddle to the DS last generation. So will the Vita bow down to the 3DS this year? I would say no. The Vita is just too powerful to pass up. First is the Vita’s hardware. The Vita is VERY powerful for a handheld. All you need to do is look at the new Uncharted or Rayman: Origins to understand that. Sony delivered on their promise to deliver stellar graphics to a small little device. The Vita also combines to awesome things. A touch screen and two analog sticks. The Touch screen is very nice and also responsive. It also has a back touch screen which seems to be a nice feature. I still have my doubts that the back touch screen can be useful but I am wrong all the time. The dual analogs are something the original PSP should have had from the start. I remember craving a first person shooter for the PSP. I got that first person shooter, but it was terrible and impossible to use. The dual analogs on the Vita should make a good FPS possible. My biggest and only complaint about the Vita’s analog sticks is that they don’t click. If a good COD game comes out then they will have to find a way to incorporate knifes and the ability to run. The Vita also has a beautiful OLED screen. The screen is huge and gamers should have no problem seeing it.

The Vita’s software is also quite nice. The Vita did away with the XMB interface of the PS3 and PSP. It now has a new interface that is similar to the Iphone but with bubbles. One of the nicest features is you can have multiple games/apps/etc. open at the same time. But you also have to click on the bubble to get to everything. If I want to check on my trophies then I have to click the bubble. If I want to check messages I have to check a bubble. I really wished they would have grouped the friends, trophies, and messages into one bubble. Other than that the interface is very nice and should be easy for a new gamer to pick up.

Now for the most important thing; the games. The Vita is very powerful obviously. This will hopefully give it the best lineup a portable device has ever had. Games like Bioshock, Call of Duty, and Mortal Kombat have already been confirmed. Even games like Borderlands 2 and Monster Hunter have been rumored to come out for it. As the Vita library grows I fully expect to see it have an amazing set of games. Even the launch games were great and really show cased the Vita’s talents. If you want a Vita, the games will be plentiful and high quality.

Now the most important thing of all. Should you buy a Playstation Vita? I would defiantly say yes. The Vita has been a wonderful experience for me and I don’t it will last me just as long as the previous playstation portable did. It is a great device and I guarantee that if you like high quality games then it will be worth your money. I would be a little wary though since the price could drop at any minute. If you are considering a Vita and can’t wait for a price drop then stop reading this and go buy one!

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Not really anything to say. Just wanted to say what I thought about the Vita

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