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February 22, 2012
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The game that started out with nothing but grass, caves, and stone is now known as one of the best games in the world, Minecraft. It’s amazing how one of the most pixilised games has made over ninety eight million €. With only two game modes; survival and creative, which by the way you can play on line with people. The ability for a multi-player gaming experience means the fun is endless. Also if you do somehow get bored there are modifications or “mods”, which are additions to the game itself to add new monsters, animals, tools, weapons, or whatever you can imagine!

It’s a surprise how a multi-million dollar game can be so pixilated, but yet feel real. For instance you spawn in a forest of trees surviving off the resources of the land (water, wood, animals, etc.), or you’re in a desert finding little water supplies, and dead plants and cacti everywhere (also lava)! Out of all the imagination put into this game all it is, is just small squares made into bigger ones, but when you look past the barbaric graphics you get lost in the game itself!

Next is my personal favorite game mode; survival! Survival is a mode where you must find your own resources, in a kill or be killed world it is a big challenge but if it is too hard there are difficulty meters from peaceful to hard. By kill or be killed I mean you must kill animals to get food, because there is a hunger bar now this bar restores your health when full and drains your health when empty the only way to fill this back up is by eating food which comes from the animals (or by farming but that’s a different story). Now when you die you lose all your stuff however, you can retrieve your things that you have lost by going back to where you have died that means that you shouldn’t build a house far from your spawn unless you have made a bed.

Another game mode and the only other so far is creative. With unlimited resources you can pretty much do anything. Build anything, spawn monsters, you can even fly! With everything to choose from the game is your canvas. So, let your imagination free!

There is something that includes survival and creative with a multi-player twist and it’s actually called Multiplayer! Multiplayer is where you can play with friends or other people around the world. This has many benefits to it like building big structures takes less time with more people, you can also hunt animals or build your own community, make shops, and traps, even faster!

Finally, if you ever get bored, you can get modifications (or mods for short) to the game. Now mods are add-ons to the game to make it more fun and interesting. These mods can add almost anything (guns, cars, planes, NPCs*, monsters, animals, the ability to change from creative to survival and vice versa, currency, trade and many more) my favorite kinds of mods are multiplayer mods (currency, the ability to burn people on command, the ability to shoot fireballs and lightning at people or animals, god mode, etc.). I recommend it, although, to install the mod is to some, very complicated and if you do it wrong you will have to re-download the game.

`This is the game of a lifetime to some, to others its just flat out amazing. From endless terrain, to mods, to the game itself, this is something for everyone. I give this game 9.8 out of 10. At a whopping price of 20 euros (26.95$ US dollars) this game is in my opinion the best!

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AelissNovak said...
Mar. 11, 2012 at 1:35 pm
I love Minecraft!
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