The Temple Run Addiction

February 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Temple Run is an exhilarating game that you become addicted to from the very beginning. You are on the run from crazy monkey men after fleeing the temple. You mustn’t stumble, or they will catch up to you. You have to jump, dodge, slide, and collect coins throughout this stimulating game. Temple Run is the number one top free game in the app store. There is no excuse to why you shouldn’t download it.

The first thing they will teach you in the tutorial is how to turn. There are many twist and turns outside of the temple, and you have to follow each path. If you do not turn in time, you will fall into the ocean filled with man-eating monsters that are waiting for you. To turn you must slide your finger horizontally across the screen in the direction you want to go. If you turn too early, you will stumble into the wall, and the monkeys will suddenly be at your back, so you have to be careful!

Second, they will teach you how to jump. During the game, you will be hopping over tree trunks, logs, and random spots in the path that have fallen into the water. To jump, you slide your finger vertically on the screen, towards the top of the Ipod. If you run into a tree trunk, you will immediately die, and the game will start over. If you run into a log, you will stumble and the monkeys will catch up to you, but the game will continue. If you don’t jump over the missing path, you will fall into the ocean and die, so the game will again start over.

Thirdly, they will teach you how to slide under trees, arches of fire, and arches of rock. To slide, you have to vertically slide your finger down, towards the home button. If you were not to slide, then anything you hit will instantly kill you. To avoid dying, there is a simple trick. When you can see the shadow of the monument you want to slide under, it is time to slide. Being too early or too late will result in the death of your character.

Lastly, they teach you how to collect coins. To collect coins, you must tilt the Ipod sideways. When tilted, your character will run towards the edge of the wall and the coins will be tallied up when you touch them. When enough coins are collected, they are added to your score as time goes by. The coins amount will increase as your score gets higher and higher.

Temple Run consumes your time. The route never ends, so the game just goes on and on. If you get enough coins, you can buy more characters and tools to help you along the way. Most players would recommend downloading it, because they believe it is one of the finest games they have ever played. Temple Run is the coolest game in existence, and that is why I chose to write about it.

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