F1 2011 Review on Xbox 360

January 14, 2012
By Coollak BRONZE, London, Other
Coollak BRONZE, London, Other
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Hold onto your helmets racing fans! F1 2011 is here. The blockbuster, surprising and addictive F1 game of last year took as all by surprise as a wave. Well, this year we are prepared to witness something great from F1. So what does this year’s game have to offer?
Graphically, the game has improved and gone very further from last year’s game with fantastic new realistic car designs and tracks. It will make you think, you are watching the actual race on TV! However, the surroundings such as the garage, doesn’t seem to be redesigned but have a graphical facelift. Similarly, the storyline in the campaign does not seem to be changed, the same idea of a character starting from the bottom to the top. The main difference is the graphic and the gameplay, when playing the game.
The gameplay is improved vastly, in this game the KERs and DRS is on the game and are main focus of the game. This immerses the audience in the gameplay taking them into a realistic setting of an F1 car. But, not is all just the same as last year with better graphics, the menus have all been changed for the better and to immerse you more into the life of an F1 superstar.
Now the cars (what everyone loves!) are superbly portrayed in the game. The difference between the game and real life cars can’t be seen to the naked eye; only a trained eye would find the difference. When playing the game, the cars take you straight into the experience of the F1 world. The felling inside the cars is eccentric and each car is individually designed, so the experience always differs from car to car. What’s more, the sound is mind-blowing and astonishing accurate to the real cars.
The online has also been redefined and allows you to play with many cars on the race track ad smash your online friends for endless hours of fun.
So to conclude, This isn’t an all new F1 game with all new bright lights like last year , so if you’re are looking for that your will be disappointed. But, this game does have enough new elements to keep us fans at bay till next year. So, overall 7 out of 10.

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