Modern Warfare 3 on xbox 360

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Infinity Ward,

Over time spent playing your awesome games I have came to realize a couple faults or annoyances in the multiplayer mode. I'm mean come on, bringing back noobtubes is one thing, but increasing the shotgun damage of the striker is a totally hated change. All you guys did is take the damage of a tube and put it in a different gun category. Another inconvenience is the support point streak, it is extremely annoying! Once again giving players the second ability to get kills with helicopters etc... Now you give them the ability obtain these further weapons while they are still dying!

These simple annoyances don't ruin the game, but rather make it more stressful. I like that you guys are trying to introduce new ideas and ways of making the game better, but it's making a lot of people angry such as myself. Don't get me wrong I would rather deal with the annoyances on your games or game in this case than play some boring off brand game. All I'm getting across here is I have some opinions and I'm going to express them in a nice manner.

To start it off, I extremely dislike the support kill streaks! Now I know it would be problematic to try and change or take off the kill streak. In that case we will have to deal with it and grind it out, but I strongly encourage you guys and your crew to rethink the reason why you had to add this kill streak. I am not trying to totally tank your ideas and say there completely stupid, rather than just suggesting to think about it because there are over 100,000 people online that would probably agree with me and my friends. I have a great addicting love for your games, but all this does is add to my stress. Clearly I still play as I am already 4th prestige, but this doesn't change my emotions about the game and it's stressful game play. This add on gives the people who aren't good enough or who don't work hard enough to get the real kill streak a way to get there streak. Now that right there is making it easy for the people that are terrible at the game still obtain something that you should have to work for. As I continue playing I have began to notice that more and more people are using support strike packages. There is one kill streak that is on the support package that ruins the game entirely and that is the Emp. If this was on the assault package it would be more understandable if someone ''worked'' for the streak rather than run around getting killed 50 times and eventually obtain there streak anyways it's annoying!

A second subject of problem I have is the shotguns and all grenade launchers (NOOB TUBES) . Clearly nobody but people that want to make other people mad use these launchers so why put them on another game? They have no use except to cheaply kill people across the entire map or if someones to chicken to go in a building they simply just tube the place hoping to hit someone. Now the shotguns are and always have been noob guns. In Modern Warfare® 2 the Spas 12 shotgun was openly over powered and was over used for its category. Now in Modern Warfare® 3 it's the Striker and it's killing me not to just throw the game away. What I'm trying to express is simply to either get rid of the shotguns and launchers or nerf (decrease damage) them to a point where nobody will use them at all. Simply taking these away would force people to play the game the way it should be in a lot of peoples opinion.

Now I know adding these new and reoccurring parts of the game is changing the way it's played and maybe making it better or it could be making it more annoying. I do understand that adding the new kill streak has given teams ways to "support" there team by still obtaining a kill streak. It may improve there team progression, but let me get this straight the Emp kill streak is impossible to prevent unless of course you call one in before them. I do see your side of adding these new additions to increase "team play" and take out "lone wolves", but nobody plays as a team unless they're in a clan. Point streaks should only be available on Game Battles or MLG.


Michael Vogl

The author's comments:
This letter was extremely easy to write for several reasons. I felt a strong strive to right about what I did because it's something I enjoy doing and they ruined a bit about the game itself. I expressed my reasoning by explaining everything I had a problem with through some well advised detail. In this letter I had two to three opinions that I wanted to get across or get off my chest. They're minor problems that I personally would have changed. When I was typing this letter up I kept getting more and more in depth and before I knew it I had a full on letter that was ready to tell them how I felt. Once I got the initial gist down, I just had to finish them off and get my point through their head. Writing this open letter to Infinity Ward was easy enough when I had a strong disagreement to let them know about. I feel good about this letter and I am honestly thinking about sending it into them for fun.

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