December 22, 2011
War is fun. You can run, shoot at or take cover from other players. The basics of Modern Warfare 3 according to Farhad Manjoo, in his article “War is Fun." Manjoo implies this game is brainless and makes war, look fun. He says, “It fails as a story, and even its gameplay is uninteresting.” Manjoo argues about Modern Warfare 3 with the following: it’s a stupid, pointless, brainless game with no story line to it. That it’s easy to play, it’s hyperrealism is exciting and gets adrenaline pumping. Manjoo points out that Modern Warfare 3 is just a physically enjoyable war game and that the designers didn’t create any puzzles or hard game play to make the game interesting in Manjoo’s eyes.

Modern Warfare 3 is a war based game and its sad to say it, but war is fun. Almost out of high school, most teens don’t get around to playing video games much, but this game is surprisingly entertaining. You get to run around, shoot, take cover from your enemies and feel the reality of a warzone, besides actually dying. Manjoo is, I could guess probably an adult thirty years plus in age. Most of whom always criticize the games that come out for teenagers mostly and they think it’s simple and stupid to even play. In a teenagers mind, Modern Warfare 3 is an exciting war game where people can play with each other around the world. They make friends and have a great time winning and shooting with modern weapons or unlocking weapons to become a better player.
Manjoo is missing the whole second part of the point many people buy this game for. They buy it for online play, where the game is always different and the players are always doing different things and using different weapons. Manjoo misses out on the reason this game came out. Most of these war games will have a story mode where you verse computers and advance into different missions. This is where Manjoo is criticizing Modern Warfare 3 story mode. But the big picture of online play in this war game is gone. He doesn’t mention online play or anything of the sort. Manjoo is basing his criticism on the low end of Modern Warfare 3. Manjoo has only played story mode, where the developers of the game spend the shortest time developing this and most of their time on online play. He shouldn’t just point out that the story mode sucks, and instead focus on the online play.

Manjoo needs to look into the game and try out the online play. Then he can create an article criticizing this game. Manjoo says it’s simple and always the same, but this game is not boring at all. War is fun for this game and that’s why so many people buy it. When buying war-based games, the online play is the sure way to go. It’s exciting, jammed pack full of entertainment and fun for every respectable first person shooter gamer.

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