WWE 12 Game Review on Xbox andPS3

December 5, 2011
By Coollak BRONZE, London, Other
Coollak BRONZE, London, Other
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WWE returns to the consoles with a new name and promises to be bigger…badder…better but does it live up to these promises. WWE is a master at rebranding but can the game do it as good as the TV show?
Well, I am happy to say that WWE is very successful in their attempt at rebranding the series. The new technology and animations lives up to the promises delivering faster, smoother actions. The gameplay graphics have improved and the animation after doing a move is better than ever; also the attention to detail is amazing with the specific camera angles that the show uses. This immerses your experience even more, keeping your hooked on your TV as monkeys!
The creativity is taken to the next level, with even more creative tools such as the paint tool which allows you to create logos (which I love). The other tools also returns, such as the story creator with new features, the superstar creator also returns and the entrance and highlight real creator is another great idea which adds to your overall experience.
I have stayed away from road to wrestle mania and the campaign, but this year it is a blockbuster slobber knocker (as Jerry the king says). The road to wresltmaina is a great, shocking and dramatic storyline with twists that will make you think it is from the real TV show. However, the entertainment doesn’t end there, the new Universe mode is what the hard core WWE fan has been waiting for.
Online has been improved with more matches such as a 40 man royal rumble.
This is the best WWE game in years and any person who loves action should check it out. Overall rating 9 out of 10.

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