Wii U

October 26, 2011
By zanderlex BRONZE, Hollis, New York
zanderlex BRONZE, Hollis, New York
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Do you enjoy playing video games? If so, you will love the masterpiece currently being developed by Nintendo.
The Wii U, successor to the 5th biggest selling console of all time was unveiled at E3 2011 and is expected to be in the U.S. by mid 2012.
This game is packed with features, the biggest being the controller. The controller resembles a 3DS, there is a massive 6.2 inch touchscreen(Roughly twice as big as the 3DS), a camera, microphone, and stylus.
The biggest feature of the controller is the fact that you can play the game directly on the controller, the T.V. does not even have to be on.
The controller can also be used for all the basics while not connected to the console such as video chat and surfing the web.

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