Fallout New Vegas Honest Heart on XBox 360, PS3 and PC

May 10, 2011
By griffink BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
griffink BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
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Fallout New Vegas
Honest Heart DLC

The next DLC (Downloadable Content) will be here on May 17, 2011, for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. This DLC is different from the first one, because it now comes out for every available system on the exact release instead of, “This came out exclusively for the Xbox 360, the other systems will get it in three months…” or something like that. Although, since the PSN (Play Station Network) is out, it may have an effect on when it comes out (because it is believed that PSN will return in May 31th). Luckily, it will be a great thing to play.

Now, what will be in the DLC is that you go to Utah, and you see the Burned Man (the person that the Legion talk about) whose name is “Joshua Graham.” There will be a couple of new achievement/trophies, too. And again, the level cap raises by 5. (Note: If you have gotten the Dead Money DLC and you are planning to get this one, your level cap will be 40.)

There’s not a lot of information on this DLC at this time, so you’ll just have to the rest for yourself, hope you enjoy it!

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