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May 1, 2011
3DS Review

Nintendo is launching an aggressive campaign to take back the video game market this year. To do this, they’re launching a new handheld this year. A big goal Nintendo has is to match its main rivals, Sony and Microsoft in computing and graphical power. To achieve this, Nintendo has to make their products as best as they can be. Albeit with some minor drawbacks, like smaller battery life in order to achieve a smaller size, allowing their newest product to compete with the soon-to-be shown PSP2.

The 3DS boasts of its 3D top-screen and HD touch-screen below it. Hoping to enhance the gaming experience, Nintendo has added the option to play video games in 3D by simply flipping an analogue slider up, in order to lure in more potential buyers. The PSP2 may just beat the 3DS in graphics and quality, so many buyers may want to wait until the 27th, when Sony releases details on their next handheld.

Unfortunately for many buyers, the price and battery life of the 3DS might stop them from purchasing a 3DS. The 3Ds costs $250, a big increase from the previous price of $200 on the DSiXL. By adding the 3D capability, the battery life of the 3DS has shrunk to only 5 hours of battery, on the lowest light setting; with the 3D on which is a decrease of 12 hours from the battery life of the DSiXL.

Since Nintendo is all but making a declaration to come out and say that they plan to reconquer the video game market. We can assume their next toys will be filled with special features and that, as such, the new Sony PSP2 will probably try to have features to one-up the 3DS.

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Blargaty Blargh said...
Jul. 1, 2011 at 10:35 pm

"HD Touch Screen?" What...

And why the constant comparisons to the PSP2? Focus more on the actual specs of the 3DS instead of talking about how it will measure up to its competitor. 

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