Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360

April 17, 2011
By @lex12 BRONZE, Mount Sinai, New York
@lex12 BRONZE, Mount Sinai, New York
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This Third Person thriller is one that should be played by any shooter fan. Played like GTA IV this Western takes place during the decline of the Wild West. The protagonist of the story is John Marston one of the most developed and complex characters ever created. Rockstar Games succeeds in expressing Marston's loneliness and eagerness to leave his life of crime and to return to his family back in America. Of course his life of crime has caught up with him as he tries to escape it. Marston now discovers his past will effect his family the few people he cares about. Along his journey he encounters neurotic characters who only lead him into more trouble in exchange for information about John's past gang members. Along with these characters Marston struggles with the FBI. Who blackmail Marston by having him do their dirty work or else they will kill his family. The story is one of a kind a must be experienced. The multiplayer is entertaining but doesn't last long. The main modes are deathmatch, gang vs. gang, and capture the bag where individual players struggle to cash bags in their chest. This is very entertaining and nerve wrecking especially when you're a few feet away from scoring and someone takes you down and then proceeds with you're bag. Online is fun but it is the single player that stands out. Red Dead Redemption is a must play for any fans of Rockstar Games or fans of Clint Eastwood Western's. Marston is so awesome that he could win in a stand off against Dirty Harry.

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