Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy on Playstation 2

March 25, 2011
By JesstheSith BRONZE, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
JesstheSith BRONZE, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
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Naughty Dog has made impressive games such as the Crash Bandicoot series on the PSone, and they have moved onto the PS2 with Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy.

The game starts with Jak and his pal Daxter arriving on Misty Island, the two spy on two mysterious figures giving orders to an army of lurkers, the common enemy. While near a silo filled with dark eco, Jak and Daxter run into a lurker, and he accidently knocks Daxter into the silo. Daxter is thrown out of the silo, he was turned into an "ottsel" a half weasel, half otter. The duo returns, and asked for guidance from the Green eco sage, Samos, but there's Gol the dark eco sage who is an expert with dark eco, and can possibly help Daxter return to his original self. So begins the duo's quest to return Daxter into his original form. A long the way you will have help from Keira, the expert on vehicles, and has designed the A Grav Zoomer, which will aid you in some areas. Eco is the main source of energy in the game, green eco is for health, blue eco is for agility, red eco is for strength, and yellow eco is for shooting fireballs, however, dark eco is deadly.

The animation is very fluid, gameplay mechanics are flawless, and the voice acting is professional, although Jak doesn't speak. Jak has a recognizable set of moves, such as the spin kick inspired by Crash, the dive punch, uppercut punch, jump, double jump, and high jump, along with a combination of these moves would make you take out a group of lurkers. The characters are entertaining, especially the wise-cracking sidekick, Daxter. The collectables are precursor orbs, power cells, and scout flies so it has that Mario/Banjo-Kazooie style platformer. This is the first game to have a "seamless" open world, with no loading time. There are objectives you have to complete, such as "Bring 90 orbs" for a power cell, so there's some backtracking. The sound track is composed quite beautifully, and each area had different tunes, and it matched the moods of each area. There is also transitions from day to night time, and the environments are breath taking. However, the game's short, the swimming mechanics are iffy, and if you miss an orb, there would be a load of backtracking. Overall, it's a fun game for all ages.

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