PlayStation3 Reveiw on Console

March 14, 2011
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I really love the PlayStation3. I think it’s the only multipurpose media game system. It really can do everything, just like the commercial stated.

The Good: In my opinion the PlayStation3 is the best gaming system. The PlayStation3 exclusive games such as LittleBigPlanet2 and Eye Pet are better in quality then the Xbox 360. I’m not saying Kinect and Halo are bad, I’m just saying that LBP2 and PlayStation exclusive games are better. Plus the Online gaming experience is free. So you can play games that are almost completely multiplayer based such as the Call Of Duty Series, and LBP2, as on Xbox 360 you have to pay to get online access, and you have to renew your account every three months. Another Good feature the PlayStation3 offers is that is backwards compatible which means if you were a big PlayStation2 fan you could keep all of your old games and still play them on the PlayStation3.

The So-So: The PlayStation3 isn’t perfect, sadly. Its slight flaws are that the controllers are small and hard to grip right and can feel uncomfortable to gamers that haven’t played on the PlayStation3 yet. Its updates are kind of slow. And when you play games that are really good such as Uncharted2 and LIttleBigPlanet2 takes a while to load. The internet browsing is slow. But these flaws wouldn’t affect your PlaySation3 gaming experience.

The Bad: There is only on disadvantage I could find in the PlayStation3, and that was that it cost a lot. The cost may be high, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s $300.00 of pure delight.
Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation3: The PlayStation3 online community doesn’t have as much people on as the Xbox 360. Its way easier to get your online account hacked by hackers.

The PlayStation3 really is the right choice for serious gamers. I wouldn’t regret getting it at all.

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