NHL 11 on PS3

February 17, 2011
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Ultimate Team

Ultimate team lets you pick your own team and players. You are in charge of the team too; you can pick the team’s name. The players also have contracts, which will not let them play forever; the contracts will be in the cards if you view them. In ultimate team you also get EA pucks, which lets you add more players, by getting them in an auction or you can by packs of cards, which you will get an assortment of players.When you buy some of the assorted packs you will get power ups. They can extend your players contacts, and let them play for a longer time. There is also is for players when they get power ups to get better, some of these power ups are, skating, hitting, passing, or shooting. You can also play in tournaments, which will get you even more pucks, then a single game. In a single game, you can play against either a person online or a tournament. Overall I think that that ultimate team is the best game mode because it is new, and it barely ever freezes. I give it 4/5 stars.

Online Game play

The Online game play has three different games that are all very good. First, there is team play, team play lets you play with other people from online and play against another team online. When you play team play you can also choose which position you want be, or you can choose any. Any lets you be any player that any of your players isn't, the bad thing is that it chooses the person randomly. You can choose a team you want to be too. If you are a captain you can choose the team and there uniform. Second Single player online, Single player online is when you are the whole team, except for the goalie, you can deke people out and shoot when you are the only one on the team. This also gives you the most feel for NHL11 and the game modes what will be like. Lastly there is shootout, shootout is when the last two teams are still tied and have to win, and the only way to win the shootout is to put the puck into the net. You also have complete control of the goalie online and if somebody fakes you out, the puck is probably going to the net. From all of these games plays I think that shoot out is the best because there is a lot of actions because the only way to beat the goalie is to fake him out. I give the online play 5/5 stars because there is basically no lag and the graphics are still amazingly crisp.

Season mode

Season mode is a game mode in NHL11. Season mode lets you play teams in all the games that there is in an NHL hockey season. Season mode has a fantasy draft, fantasy draft is actually pretty good because it lets choose where you want to pick in the draft and you can choose how many teams you want to be apart. Fantasy draft also pick what players you want on your team. Overall I give the season mode 3/5 because there is a lot of games to play and you cant see the league leaders either, the league leaders lets you see if any of your players are one of the best in the league you are in.

Overall I give NHL 11 4/5 stars because of the amazing graphics, Ultimate team, and the online play, I recommend is game to people that like aggressive fighting and board play combined, and also want to play online, and on the game modes because they are all terrific.

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