February 1, 2011
By Naeem Bayaa BRONZE, Grapevine, Texas
Naeem Bayaa BRONZE, Grapevine, Texas
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The much-anticipated “NBA 2K11” recently came out and exceeded all expectations. I am a huge fan of 2K games and “2K11” is the best ever. There are many improvements, from graphics to realism, with the biggest change being deep passing. Ill‑advised passes will be stolen, which increases the realism. This game also improves graphics and smoothness. Instead of a pause when there is a steal or block, play continues smoothly and the block is very realistic. At first the game play is difficult because of the increased realism, but as you improve, the experience becomes more fun.

This game also brings back roster updates and improves them greatly. Instead of an update every few months, they now happen every Friday. Not only do they update player movement, but player ratings. If a player improves, his rating goes up. The game mimics what players can do in real life.

All previous game modes remain available, including Franchise Mode, My Player, and Blacktop. In addition, a new game mode allows you to play as Michael Jordan and relive his greatest games. Old teams like the '95 Bulls can also be selected.

The Xbox Live game play is also much improved. The connection speed is faster with no lag. Connecting to your opponents is easier, and the quality is amazing. “NBA 2K11” is a well‑rounded game. There is so much to do that it is impossible to be bored.

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