Call of Duty Black Ops on Wii, Xbox 360, PS3

January 27, 2011
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Were you one of the Nintendo Wii players that were feeling a little grumpy because Modern Warfare 2 wasn’t for Wii? Well don’t be left out this year because Black Ops is coming out for the Wii this year. You play as the brainwashed Alex Mason who is being interrogated by these mysteries people. They try to break Mason so they can get these numbers that can stop a possible war.

The campaign of the game is full of action and suspense. You start a mission when ever Alex Mason has a flash back of when he was in the war. The game was pretty good but I had some problems with it. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version have this level were you drive through a river to get to this plane crash but the Wii doesn’t have it. It just skips the boat part and starts where your on foot trying to reach the crash site. Also when you fight an enemy it feels a little sloppy. Some enemies don’t even bother taking cover while you shoot at them and your teammates don’t really help you out. There were also a few glitches. I was supposed to follow this scientist when suddenly he stops walking. A few feet away there is a door that he needs to open so I could get to my next check point but I cant because he stopped moving. I have to start all over which got me frustrated. It only happened twice to me. The good of the game is that it’s full of explosions that you really never get tired of playing. The story will get you hooked and you won’t stop till you finish the game. The story is so terrific that it feels like your watching a movie. The graphics are not as good as the other systems but they’re still o.k.

The multiplayer is why most people buy Call of Duty Games. The multiplayer has much to offer. The Wii version finally has zombies. You play with three other players and try to survive wave after wave of zombies. There is also these Wager Matches were you gamble your points that you buy weapons with. If you make it in the final 3 then you earn points but if you don’t then you lose points. I like how you can use microphones so you can talk to people that you’re playing with. There are many weapons you can choose from and you can customize the outfit of your character.

The game is fun and it will take you a while to get bored of it. This game is for hardcore gamers or casual gamers. I could honestly say that this game is better then Call of Duty World at War. I would recommend this game too Wii owners. If you own another system like an Xbox, then I recommend it for that system instead of the Wii.

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footballfreak said...
Oct. 12, 2011 at 11:07 am
The artical makes it sound like a really fun game. But it sounds like there is a couple parts missing.
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