call of duty black ops on nintendo wii

January 27, 2011
By beaver25 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
beaver25 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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What a fun game for your system at this moment do you know? Well I know a fun game
at the moment that came out in September of 2010 is Call of Duty Black Ops. I got this game for
my Wii but if you want to have the more advantage and fun part of it get it for an Xbox 360 or a
PS3. Now I’m not saying the Wii isn’t fun but you get more stuff on Xbox 360 but the wii is not
behind on it. Now this game has best graphics in multiplayer, story mode but zombies are fun but
graphics kind of suck. Now this game might be fun but somehow educational. This game has
been sold all around the world so you can expect when you are online.

Well in story mode I expected it long like on World at War but it was not. Now to me it
didn’t suck I mean it’s different from the last game because you don’t change from one person to
another in Black Ops you play as Alex Mason. In the story you learn about the cold war and how
there was many war fighting to it. As Alex Mason you get to go to the Cuban missile crisis in
1961 and try to stop it. That’s when you go to a Russian prison where for some reason you are
brainwashed and become a spy for Russia but I learned in the game that he had a good heart and
fights back it back. After all that you end up going to Vietnam for the war that was going on at
around this time. Now I did say you get educational learning and that because I learned some
more about the cold war and stuff you never hear in many books.

Now many people love the story but everyone goes for the online part of the game. Now
online or multiplayer is hard to do if you have no good internet connection. In online you get to
start with one mode and that’s Team Death match which with a team to kill the other team. The
more you play the more game modes you unlock like my favorite is capture the flag. In this
mode you play the classic game of capture the flag with killing though. Now way fun is that you
don’t have to unlock all the stuff as you level up. But another fun mode I think you guys will
love is the wager match because the points you buy your gun, kill streaks, perks, you can bet
them and try to win. If you loose the round you get the points you bet counted off.
So as I said there is three game modes which was story, multiplayer, and my favorite and tickle
making fun is the zombies. In this mode you can go solo (I will never because its hard) or go
online again and kill with three more people. So now once you choose how you do it might be
hard no matter what. Then to make it worse the more rounds the harder it is. So if you want a fun
and awesome game choose this one that treyarch and activision have ever made and will never
be bored. So please also if you get the game get the head banger headset for your system so you
can talk in the game.

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on Oct. 12 2011 at 10:59 am
Really great game on of the best. The zombies was really fun.

on Oct. 12 2011 at 10:56 am
really great game one of the best

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