Call of Duty: Black Ops on XBOX 360

January 25, 2011
By , Colts Neck, NJ
Through the jungles of Vietnam to the streets of Cuba, Call of Duty: Black Ops is definitely a must buy game of fall 2010.

First of all, the graphics are great. The cinematic sequences are life-like, although at some parts the textures could get a little bit blurry and then adjust as you get closer. Throughout the game you see the political figures of John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, and McNamara. The story is about your character, Alex Mason, who is special Black Operations agent who goes on special missions for America that nobody knows about. Throughout the game you fight in the snow, in the sky, the desert, and the jungles of Vietnam.

The online is also exquisite. Unlike the other games there is a currency system. As you get play through games, you earn COD Points. With these points you can buy guns, attachments, and perks. Also an improvement is buying contracts. You pay for these and they give you a certain requirement in a certain amount of games. If you complete these contracts, you earn a lot more COD Points than you spent to get the contract. Also a new thing about the multiplayer is the customization. As you buy perks, it changes what your character is wearing. Also you could buy over 15 types of face camouflage. You could also customize your gun. In the past games there has only been about 9 camouflages. Now, there is a lot more to choose from. Like Modern Warfare 2, you can pick your title and emblem. In this game you can create your own emblem. Unlike all the other games, you can make your clan tag on your gun. Finally, you can customize your red dot sight. You can make blue cross hairs, a triangle, a square, a skull, and even a smiley face. As you can see the level of customization in this game is amazing.

Another thing about the multiplayer are the wager matches. In these modes, you pay to play them and if you come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, you win more money than you paid to play. First of all there is Sticks and Stones. In this game mode, you only have a crossbow with explosive tips and a ballistic knife. And your equipment is a tomahawk, which is the equivalent of a throwing knife from Modern Warfare 2. Second, there is “One in the Chamber.” In this mode, you have a pistol and you only have one bullet. When you get a kill, whether its with your pistol or knife, you get an extra bullet. You have 3 lives, and the last one who survives wins. Another mode is called “Gun Game”. In this there are 20 tiers (or levels) of guns and every kill you get, you get a new gun. The first person to get all kills with 20 guns wins. Finally, there is “Sharpshooter.” It is kind of like Gun Game, but your weapons cycle every 45 seconds. The one with the most kills wins.

Finally, we welcome back the world-famous zombie mode. In this mode, you attempt the undead zombie horde. There are an infinite amount of levels to ensure that will not survive. At the moment, there are two zombie maps: “Kino der Toten” and “Five.” In Kino der Toten, your favorite characters from Call of Duty World at War return. Also there are new weapons including all of the weapons from online and the thundergun. The thundergun took place of the Wunderwaffe. It shoots a sonic boom that takes out all of the zombies in its way. Also there is a new type of zombies, crawlers that are crawling zombie-like creatures covered in nova gas, which prevents you from seeing. This increases the difficulty to the game. Also the graphics are great and some of the dialogue is hilarious.

And for you people who don’t have online we introduce to you Combat Training. In this game mode, they simulate online but they have AI bots. You have the leveling up experience and the AI bots you play against are better or worse depending on the difficulty you set them on. It is exactly online; you still get to customize your camo, attachments, and face camo.
Overall, Call of Duty Black Ops is a must get game for this fall. Through the customization, graphics, and new additions like Wager Matches, I truly believe that Call of Duty Black Ops deserves a 9/10.

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im the best said...
Nov. 3, 2011 at 9:26 am
man tht game is awsome it might be an old army game bt it is still a good game
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