Call of Duty Black ops on Xbox 360

December 21, 2010
By Anonymous

I have never owned a Call of Duty before because they looked like they were about World War 2 and I hate those types of games! But now after playing Call of Duty Black ops I think it should be the best game in the whole world. And I think I am going to buy all of the Call of Duty games now.

The reason I want to own all of the games is because the Call of Duty Black ops game had very good graphics (That I never have known of.) and because it had kill streak awards that I have never owned a game with kill streak awards. My favorite kill streak is the Gunship because it is the only helicopter in the game that you can be the driver of and because it has missiles. I also love finding new glitches and cheats in the game. Well until they patch them. But in this game you have got to watch out for the hackers if you find them you can go to there name and report them for cheating. I suggest having an RC-XD car for one of your kill streak awards because there are sometimes little spots on the map that you can drive them through to find a mini jump or race track. You might also like Nazi Zombies. You can play with your friend but if none of your friends are playing Xbox then you can play on Xbox live.

So all I can really say is that you can get Call of Duty at any local game store. You should buy the collectors edition because it comes with extra Zombie maps. So I suggest everyone with an Xbox 360 buy this game.

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baconitup said...
on Oct. 10 2011 at 11:08 am
i dont think black ops is that good of a game. its graphics arent very good. i have to say it has a lot of amazing extras, and has an awesome campaign, but i dont like the graphics so i dont play it much.


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