Little Big Planet on Playstation 3

December 9, 2010
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SpeakingOfBabyFood BRONZE, Kington-upon-Thames, Other
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Little Big Planet Review

When I first saw Little Big Planet, I bought it thinking it was going to be another Mario. But as I played, I realized it was so much more.
It almost plays out like an RPG, you having the ability to completely customize your character. It’s also got side view ‘platformer’ and ‘creation game’ mixed into it, with a hint of puzzle.
I personally loved the game, but now, without further ado, the review;
Look ‘n’ Feel
The game presents itself nicely, the first level being an introduction to Media Molecule, and a fun of way reading the credits.
The atmosphere changes as you go along, going from scary to happy, from childish to warlike.
The cover art for the box is bright and colourful, setting the scene before you pop the “stickered” disk into your PS3. Although the cover of the manual is colourful, the inside is greyscale, with very few pictures, and more stickers in the background.
I’d give the look and feel of this game a good old 9/10.


The graphics in this game are amazing. You can see each individual stitching in the Sack boy, and there are a ton of individual costumes that they made, each giving a separate look and feel.
The backgrounds are just incredulous, changing from forests, to oceans, to mountains to desks. The objects all have different materials, and there are tons of stickers.
I’d give the graphics aspect of this game a nice 9/10.


The music library seems to be endless, not to mention the sound effects. Depending on how you die, your death noise will be different, ranging from a pop, to a high pitched whistle.
Sound gets 9/10.


The story is sweet, your goal to stop the Collecter, a rogue creator who is stealing other people’s ideas. You go to different areas, meeting the ‘7 Creators’, all based in different parts of the world. As you go, you collect costumes to customize your Sack boy.
The basic controls are easy to learn. Jumping, running, and grabbing things. Not to mention using your Popit, a little menu that allows you to use stickers and costumes. You can also control your facial expressions, and control your arms and pelvis, which trust me, is funner than it sounds.
Even once you beat the story, you can still connect online to create and download levels. There are plenty of expansions to buy, and costumes to make.
I played around with the create mode, and although it was difficult to start, the tutorials helped me get the hang of it.
There’s a few power ups to get, things like jetpacks and scuba diving suits, which makes the game easier to play, and adds a whole new level of creativity.
I’m giving the game play a 10/10.

Replay Value

Because of the online capabilities, you can always come back for more. Even the already finished story levels, I enjoyed playing them over and over with friends.
The addition of expansion packs adds new levels and costumes, meaning more chance to play and make costumes.
I’m giving the replay value a fabulous 10/10.

The Verdict

Little Big Planet is a great game that I would recommend to gamers of all ages. Its graphics and sound track are awesome, and its online game play is just as good. I look forward to new levels made by the players, and the soon to be out Little Big Planet 2!

This game definitely deserves this 9.4/10 TOTAL.

The author's comments:
I played this game with my little sister, enjoying the story. When we finished, we quickly moved onto the the online mode, eating up the user made levels.
A while later, I thought it a good idea to write a review, and now here it is. I hope people enjoy the review, and consider trying the game out.

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