Madden 11 Review on Playstation 3, Xbox 360

October 20, 2010
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After a thrilling experience when Madden 10 came out on March 31st, 2009, most gamers were expecting a let down in Madden 11. To their surprise, Madden 11 showcased a wonderful presentation and boasted many new features that will keep this franchise selling for years.

Last year, people loved Madden 10, and this year’s game has improved all of the glitches in the previous game, and even tweaked a few things to make it better. The presentation on this game is wonderful, with a home menu to get to all the other game modes. The games mode are franchise, play now, online play, options, and be a pro. Some of the glitches that were fixed were how the players ran, and throwing glitches.

This game has amazing graphics and gameplay. The graphics are top in the industry for sports games. The gameplay is very good because the controls are simple and easy to use, but even the most intense gamers are satisfied with them. The newest feature added to Madden 11 is gameflow feature. This enables players to quickly pick plays, and not sort through the long playbook. It acts as the team coach and auto picks a play the situation you are in. When I first heard about this new feature, I assumed it would be a bust, because it would pick the same play for every first down, second down, ect. After playing the game for a few games, it turned out to be a great addition to the game series and I think we will see it in most football video games of the future. This game definitely has the best graphics and arguably the best gameplay in all sports games.

I would full heartedly recommend this game to anybody who owns a Playstation or a Xbox 360. It is a great game that incorperates great, realistic gameplay with awesome graphics and an online expirience that will keep you coming back for more. I can’t wait to see what Madden 12 will bring to the table.

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