NATAL on Xbox

September 29, 2010
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If I had to describe NATAL in one word it would be WOW!
Project NATAL is not just a step, but a huge leap in the new world of gaming, NATAL is not just a new video game system but it like the PS3 or the Xbox 360(hats off to Microsoft and Sony for making such an awesome gaming system) nor is it a cousin of the Wii. Project NATAL is the the first of its type, a whole new type of gaming and what sets NATAL apart from the Wii is CONTROLLER- LESS gaming, FACIAL REGONITION, and a whole lot of other cool stuff.
Not only is NATAL great for gaming but it can be used as educational tool and a fitness tool.
But here is the problem, as Microsoft develops a whole new type of gaming, a whole new type of gamer is born and for the people who have been playing games since the first system, this new change will causes a fork in the road of gaming, one direction is for the people want gaming to stay the same and are saying no to changing the way they think, but in the other direction is people who are willing to change the way they think and I think it will be the young people who are willing to change and the older gamers who will want to stay the same. What Microsoft has to do is link gaming of the past to gaming of the future.

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