Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Online on Pc

August 8, 2010
By Knux_the_PcGamer BRONZE, Richmond, Kentucky
Knux_the_PcGamer BRONZE, Richmond, Kentucky
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What do we get when devs let Success go to there head... we get a BAD Pc Port and Dear lord is it bad not as bad as some but still ranks up there. One Thing i found bad was multiplayer and before some of you go “But Its awesome theres nukes” well for pc its got problems it shouldn’t. one is the Match making thing, and i mean how it goes. if you were to play a games like Team Fortress 2 the Games lets you select servers in Mw2 you wait for a group of player game selects the one with the best interenet and the game starts well for 360 and ps3 thats ok pc... not so mutch see we have hackers and with only one thing to stop them they don’t have mutch to fear while on Team fortress Or Battlefield theres Admins who keep the servers in line. Two DELAY: In FPs world a one seacond delay can mean Life, Or Death in Mw2 that delay depends on who your shooting at. Host is one seacond ahead of everyone since its his internet everyone is connected to so a host will have an advantage, in A normal FPs every one connects to a server somewhere in the world making the chances of delay small unless you connect to a server in Japan and You Live in the U.s. so The Games more fair. Third i Already mentioned Hackers whats stops a hacker in MW2. VAC witch scans whats process are linked to MW2 or Counter Strike Source and if there is one that is linked to it that it knows is bad will then put you on a list and will ban you, in a month so hackers can play and not have to worry so mutch cause Vac Doesn’t update that mutch. thats about it on My Rage its ok from there on Single player is sorta fun and Spec Ops is Really good.

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