2K10 Outshines 2K9 on Basketball

July 8, 2010
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"NBA 2K10" is a outstanding and noteworthy basketball video game. The game modes and options are addictive because in each you can do so much. In a time when high-definition graphics, good game controls, and realistic situations are essential, this game has it all. "NBA 2K10" is based on the National Basketball Association and developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

I was very happy with the "My Player" option on 2K10. It was a big step up from 2K9 "My Player" where the option to play as one person was not as realistic. One part that I really enjoyed about the My Player option in 2K10 is that you can customize the player to look like you or not. Your player will travel through the beginning stages of the NBA all the way to the finals. However the point system was a little odd because it would grade you on if you where in the right place at the right time or if you filled the lane correctly when it could have graded you on your stats. Overall, I give the My Player option an A-.

The part that I thought was terrible in the blacktop game mode was the dunk school. It was definitely not dunk school. All they did is put you out on a court and tell you to dunk. How is that school!? Also dunking is completely impossible unless you play it for a total of five hours straight and do not try out the other cool features. I give the

Dunk School a rating of C+ just to be nice. Blacktop, on the other hand, is a must play. You can do almost anything there, from pickup games to three point contests. Blacktop gets an A-.

Music in 2K10 is acceptable. It has Rap and R&B. The songs are very easy to learn, and I sometimes find myself singing them while I'm playing. They could use more songs and choices of what genres. Overall I give the music a rating of an A-.

The graphics in 2K10 are amazing, from the scoreboard to the fans it almost looks like you are watching a real game. The only flaws in 2K10 are that the players sometimes don't look like the real NBA basketball players, and when they dunk their hand sometimes goes through the rim. For graphics, I award an overall rating of B+.

Overall "NBA 2K10" is a must buy and trust me when I say it will completely exceed your wildest expectations. what will the overall award be for "NBA 2K10"... A-.

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