The New Nintendo DSi

June 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Have you heard the news!? There is a new Nintendo game released! The Nintendo dsi has just been released. There have been several improvements since the original ds. There is an actual camera put in so you can take pictures. There are also ways to draw and mess with the pictures. The buttons on the dsi have been further increased in durability so they wont break as easily as the ds.The dsi also has a slot to insert the sd card to save the pictures or put songs to play on the dsi. The dsi can only support m4a files. The dsi menu will let you see all the apps that you have. One app that you will already have is the Nintendo dsi browser that will let you connect to wi-fi and go to the internet. The other app is the dsi shop. This app lets you go to the internet and download games at the cost of dsi points. You can buy Nintendo dsi points cards at wal-mart or other stores. The last app ,fipnote, is just a game where you draw pictures to make a movie. It also has flip note Hatena which is going to the internet to post your works or watch others. Unfortunately for the dsi, here is no game boy advance slot which means you cannot play game boy advance games on the dsi.

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