Oblivion on Xbox360/PS3/Computer

June 4, 2010
By Anonymous

This is a great game, it was realesed in 2006 and was rereleased in 2007 as the game of the year with a few add-on's and is the latest game in the elder scrolls series. These are my main points of what this game is about and why it is so great.
-Custom classes.you can specialize what you want to be in the game, a mage, a warrior, and everything in between.
-Great graphics for its time. This game was made in 2006 and it has graphics that are better than most games now. It is extremely detailed and the overall graphics are just exquisite.
-Thousands of lines spoken. There are thousands of hours of lines spoken in this game with only 6 voice actors! This game took along time to make but it was most definetly worth it
-Glitchs! This game is full of glitchs and that’s what makes this game great. Wether its infinite money or infinite power, its what makes the game great.
-Great DLC’s. This game has come out with alot of Downloadable content, and it just makes the game 10x better. In
-The Plot line is great. The plot is about a your character getting thrown in jail for unknown reasons. A king comes to you and helps you get out of jail. once escaping the king is killed by a nearby enemy. As a last request he want you to find his lost son. The rest of the game is finding the prince and crowning him king.
-Level system is great. This game features a level based system that makes it extremely easy for you character to level up and become more powerful.
Even though it’s a really old game, its defenitly my favorite.

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