Splinter cell:conviction on 3rd person shooter

April 21, 2010
By codwaw88v8 BRONZE, West Plains, Missouri
codwaw88v8 BRONZE, West Plains, Missouri
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Splinter cell:conviction you start out as sam fisher in a malta market.During your tea at a cafe you are interupted by a call from an old colleage anna grim.She is telling you to get out of the market hostiles are coming.You take on a few guys in the market. During ur fighting sam has flashbacks about his dead daughter(this is also a tutorial).After the flashback is over in the market you have to fight a couple of guys then go and interrogate a crime boss to see who hired him to kill you.In the interrogation you can drag him to varieus objects and use them as persuacives.I will not say any more about the levels because it whould spoil it for you. This is the best 3rd person shooter i have ever played. This game also has great coop for a 3rd person game.all in all the best splinter cell game out there.

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