Star Wars Battlefront II on PlayStation 2, PC Windows, PSP, Xbox

January 7, 2010
By Asher BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Asher BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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I’m running toward the tank with all my might, huffing and puffing as I cross the plaza. “Must…make it,” I think to my self, as I dodge around my fellow clones and the flimsy droids we call enemies. Blaster-fire is flying all around me, and I can see separatist droids on all sides. Quickly I turn, firing at the stunned super battle droid to my rear. He crumples. I turn to my left, still running, and fire at a group of sniper droids. They’re blown to pieces by my blaster’s bolts. I hit the tank with my back and set a detonator pack. “That should do it.” I dive behind a pillar. I press the button that will cause the tank to explode. I turn…

…and that’s just what I see…

… I’m running…

Star Wars Battlefront is a computerized simulation of various land and space battles out of the Star Wars world. To put it simply, Battlefront is a videogame where you relive battles, but this time you’re in them. In this high-action game, you can be anyone from a normal soldier, to a powerful Jedi or Sith. You have the chance to use a variety of weapons and tools, depending on your role in a battle. You can fight droids, rebels, stormtroopers, or clones, and a variety of other creatures in battles. The battle is yours to control. If you love Star Wars, you’ll definitely love Star Wars Battlefront, especially Star Wars Battlefront II.

Battlefront II is the newest version of the videogame Star Wars Battlefront. In comparison to the original Battlefront, this second version includes many new features including new battlefields and characters. Battlefront II includes the opportunity to fight as well known Jedi knights, in addition to well-known “bad guys” from the movie series. You can play capture the flag, or the traditional conquest version where your goal is to capture all of the command posts or destroy all of the enemy’s troops. Battlefront II provides a whole new view of the Star Wars battles. Don’t miss the experience of this amazing and fun game. Players won’t be disappointed.

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