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June 10, 2019
By kyle SILVER, Sacramento, California
kyle SILVER, Sacramento, California
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I want rings. I want to win rings and don't care about stats.

Fortnite is a game where you would save the world and help people. You would search the whole world by looking in bushes and plants. When you save the world you earn free v bucks. V bucks are money in the game. While saving the world you could save the world on your own or save the world world with random people that play fortnite. Save  the world have new skins. Skins are character with different skin color and clothes. You unlock new guns when you save the world. Fortnite has a few different modes . save the world, creative mode , solo, duos, squads. Solo is when you’re by yourself playing against 99 other players. Creative mode is where you could build houses with your friends.  Duos is when you and a random teammate are playing against 98 players. Squads you have 3 teammates and you going against 96 players.Everyone start off on a bus and you can jump out the bus anytime you want. You have to loot houses and keep moving to the circle because the storm is going to take away your health. You have to be the last one to survive to win the game. The genre is a fiction video game that anyone can play. You will just need to know how to play and build when people are shooting at you. Fortnite is a free game on xbox 1 and ps4.

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Fortnite is the best game. Kids love this game 

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