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Sense8 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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From the first episode of this stunning Netflix Original, I was hooked. As soon as I began watching “Sense8,” I was thrown into the storm of eight separate and fascinating story lines, all connected through the bond shared by eight... (more »)
Stranger Things
By , Amarillo, TX
This show was massive when it first came out and so far, it still is. Ever since July ,15, 2016 Netflix users have been creating memes, watching the show a whole lot of times in a row, and putting up missing Barb signs. It brought back 80's... (more »)
Teen Wolf
By , Culpeper , VA
Hey, I haven't seen this show before; but, I'm obsessed with it!???????????? My favorite character is Stillis! He's the most coolest character I've ever heard of! Wolves ???? are my favorite animal after horses ???? and lions ????! My favorite... (more »)
Sex and the City
By , Madrid, United Kingdom
This bedazzled, shimmering and damn right fabulous show may appear intimidating at first. It's title alone may put you off, especially as a younger teen, however I can assure you that passed the obvious topic of sex the show delves into much... (more »)
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When I heard that Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments was going to be turned into a TV show, I was hardly excited. I loved the books, but book to movie (or TV show) adaptations usually mess everything up. However, when I actually... (more »)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an AMAZING TV show created by Joss Whedon, a feminist director/writer. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Akyson Hannigan, Nicholes Brenden, and Anthony Stewart Head, It is full of suspense, romance, action, strong... (more »)
Disney Channel: Through the Years
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Disney Channel: Through The Years Being a teenager in high school, I lived through the prime?according to many?of Disney Channel in the 2000’s.  My generation grew up singing “Nobody’s Perfect” by Hannah Montana and claiming to have... (more »)
Prison Break
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A show that originally aired on Fox on August 29, 2005 and ended four years later recently resurrected for a fifth and final season consisting of just nine episodes. Prison Break, created by Paul Scheuring, is an intense crime drama and action... (more »)
Law and Order SVU: Episode "American...
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I was watching SVU and the episode I was watching was 'American Tradgedy' and I just want to talk about it if that's okay. It was about this white woman who shot an unarmed black 16 year old boy one night. It was so obvious that she was a racist... (more »)
Game of Thrones
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“When You Play The Game Of Thrones You Win Or Die”- Cersei Lannister The hit HBO original series “Game of Thrones” is one for the ages with its iconic stance on medieval history infused with supernatural components that give the series... (more »)
Thirteen Reasons Why
By This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time.
On March 31, 2017 Netflix released their highly anticipated adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why, which was originally a novel written by Jay Asher. The adaptation was thirteen episodes long, ranging from 40 to almost 60 minutes per episode. The... (more »)
Friday Night Lights
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It is fair to say the heart of Dillon, Texas is football. The NBC TV series, Friday Night Lights, puts football center stage in the energetic town atmosphere of Dillon. The series focuses on the Dillon Panthers’ head coach, Eric Taylor... (more »)
Ed Edd n Eddy
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12 kids, Three Eds and One goal. This is the story of three kids on summer vacation and school. Ed Edd n, Eddy is a show beloved by many, myself included. It was created by Danny Antonucci, a canadian animator who is mainly known for more adult... (more »)
The Vampire Diaries
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This past few years, teens everywhere have been raving about The Vampire Diaries. The show that includes drama, romance and a little terror has schools everywhere buzzing of what could come next. Unfortunately, the show has come to a conclusion... (more »)
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The television show, Friends, is a renown show that was brought to the world in 1996 and is still talked about today. Even though this t.v. show stopped filming in 2006, it is something that anybody can watch without getting bored. Friends is... (more »)
Grey's Anatomy
By , Coral Springs, FL
Last year, I wrote a review on the same show, Grey's Anatomy. And now im back, seasons later, and I really do think the show has improved. Although it has become disgustingly sappy, the medical drama is getting really intense again, like it was... (more »)
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