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Gossip Girl Review

April 16, 2018
By sophschwartz GOLD, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
sophschwartz GOLD, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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Gossip Girl – “You Know You Love Me” It

Post Date: 2/20/07 11:22 pm

Hey Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here; your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. And I have the biggest news ever. Spotted last night on the CW, September 19, 2007: the pilot episode for a hit new television series that is a must-see. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves. One of my many sources, @Saumya23 says, “I instantly became a fan and started posting about 1st episode, how much I liked it, especially the friendship Blair and Serena shared. I was fascinated by the glamorous lives of these socialites living in the Upper East Side of New York City” (Saumya23). Ultimately, the feedback received from my source’s text messages embody the high opinions of an average viewer of this show, reinforcing that this show is undoubtedly one worth watching. XOXO, Gossip Girl  - As all viewers of Gossip Girl know, this unique spreading of information through anymonous blog posts by the ubiquitously known “Gossip Girl” is one of the key features that make the show so unique.

Gossip Girl presents a modern society dominated by technology and social media. The show exploits the privileged and scandalous lives of prep school teens living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Their secrets and drama have no defense against social media in the 21st century. In the show the characters’ lives revolve around their phones, as they exploit the secrets and drama of their friends through text messages to the mysterious “Gossip Girl.” With technology in the palms of their hands, the characters eagerly await “Gossip Girl’s” scandalous blog posts that expose the hideous reality of the Manhattan’s elites’ not so perfect lives. The unique addition of technology intensifies the drama, secrets, and scandal, making the show impossible to stop watching.

Furthermore, with “Gossip Girl’s” identity a mystery, viewers long to discover the unknown person behind the screen. In all, both social media and technology play an influential role in the development of the mystery and intrigue that make the show so irresistible.

In addition to the show’s modern twist through the entertaining incorporation of social media, Gossip Girl’s fans are further hooked by the show’s accurate portrayals of current issues. The show accurately conveys sensitive and realistic high school and college scenarios and drama, ranging from partying and drugs, to romance and relationships, to popularity and the struggle to fit in. With the abundance of realistic and mature topics that Gossip Girl tackles, the show consequentially appeals to a large audience of teens and young adults. Prominently, the bulk of its fan-base is built on viewers ages 12-17, but with the median age of its viewers being 22.8 years old (Marsi). The show successfully captures its target audience of teenagers through its irresistible and relatable drama, guaranteed to be felt and likewise experienced by its viewers. While still relatable at its core, the show’s extreme entertaining quality is manufactured by its unpredictable plot, created by the intensified depictions of modern issues. It brilliantly transforms the typical high school experience into an addictive and engaging show by exaggerating the drama and gossip and adding the additional appeal and lure of Upper East Side glamour and elite lifestyles. Overall, Gossip Girl’s main allure is its perfect execution of pop-culture issues that are both entertaining and relatable to viewers.

Aside from the show’s popularity generated from its realism and relatable drama; its success is predominantly credited to the engaging personalities and relationships of its characters. Gossip Girl exposes the exclusive social hierarchy of the privileged and popular friends that rule the school.  Both the universe and show seem to revolve around Queen-Bee, Blair Waldorf. Actress Leighton Meester portrays this sassy and often manipulative character wonderfully, bringing Blair to life as the Queen of her high school, Constance Billard.  Blair’s role as the Queen is unquestionable, and the other girls idolize her as they desperately attempt to earn acceptance into her group. “B” as she is always referred to, is attached by the hip to her best friend, “S” or Serena Van Der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively. This role is greatly assumed by Lively, who achieves nothing less then perfection in her portrayal of Serena. These two best friends’ closeness and loyalty to each other appears genuine on the screen and is a bond that is greatly admired by viewers. Throughout the show the strength of their bond is tested, yet ultimately it is a friendship adored by viewers as it survives even the drama of complicated love triangles. Together “S” and “B” inspire hope in viewers that anything in life, especially the challenges of high school, can be tackled with a friend by one’s side. As these popular best friends exist at the top of the social ladder at Constance Billard, their elite circle also extends to, Nate Archibald, played by Chace Crawford, and his best friend Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick. These rich and dreamy characters are the love interests to many other characters on the show. Additionally the main plot is developed when outsider Dan Humphrey pops the bubble of privilege surrounding this core group. Portrayed by Penn Badgley, this “lonely boy” from Brooklyn that was once invisible and rejected gets his chance at popularity and love. As the show progress, sparks fly and unexpected and complicated relationships develop. Overall, the special relationships that arise on the show, notably between Blair and Chuck, embody the show’s romances that bloom into touching love stories that are adored by fans. The profound acting skills exhibited on the show convey genuine and true chemistry that makes the friendships and relationships come to life. The show’s unique characters and their lovable and well-developed relationships are therefore crucial components of the show’s success.

Gossip Girl is a show incomparable to others in its success, humor, and entertainment abilities. Its success is generated by the portrayal of relatable and intense drama, which is complimented by the superb acting of its characters.  Further, the show offers a unique perspective, illustrating the dangers of technology as it has developed into a prominent issue in the 21st century. In addition to developing the dangers of technology, the show greatly emphasizes problems that exist and plague the youth today. It appeals to a wide range of audiences - teens, whose lives are glamourized and portrayed in terms they relate to, as well as to other segments of the population such as young adults just past their teen years reminiscing, or parents of teens seeking to understand the new world their children are growing up in.

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