Stranger Things

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Stranger Things was a show created in 2016. It’s set in Hawkins, Indiana in 1984, and follows the lives of 4 middle school age boys; Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas. And shows their involvement in a mystery that affects the whole town.

In the first season, one of the boys, Will, disappears one night riding his bike. It's scary and intense, because you never really know what took him or if he was dead or alive, and the setting, in the middle of the dark woods, makes it much more intense. No one discovers he’s missing until the next day when his mother, Joan, asks his older brother where he is. She is a single mother taking care of two boys, always involved with work, but tries to take care of her kids and gets the help of her older, teenage son Jonathan.

When everyone found out about Will's appearance, it was a mystery to the whole town, but didn’t directly affect them; except for his family and his 3 friends. They were the most concerned and made sure it got people's’ attention and got people talking about it. His mother, Joan, was the one who kept bothering the police station to find out what happened to her son. And one day, they found a decomposing body of a child in a lake, and claimed it to be Will. But it wasn’t. This causes confusion for the people of the town and the audience because it wasn’t clear what even took him, and if he isn’t dead then he’s hidden somewhere with no clues to where he’s at.

While the mystery of Will's disappearance is going on, a girl named Eleven escapes a science lab where they keep her, to study her and her powers. One of the friends, Mike, finds her and hides her in his house. She turns out to be a big help to finding out what happened to Will and where he disappeared to; a place they call The Upside Down. Eleven recognizes it from the science lab and knows where it is.  During that time, Joan is getting close to finding out how to contact Will and finding ways to find him, but the people of the town, the police, and even her own son thinks she’s losing her mind.

Towards the end of the season, the boys use Eleven to find The Upside Down and save Will, and they team up with Joan and the sheriff of the town, Hopper. Monsters from the other dimension escape and Eleven uses her powers to kill them, and they end up taking her to The Upside Down. And while she’s taken away, Joan and Hopper find Will tied up and bring him back home. All of these cause tension, anger, but happiness all at the same time because Will is found alive and taken safely back home, but Eleven, who had become one of the boys’ best friends and an important character disappears and no one knows if she's alive or not. Just like Will.

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