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December 4, 2017
By alyssasolis BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
alyssasolis BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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If you really knew me, even really well you would never be able to guess that I am a huge sci-fi fan. My favorite sci-fi show is Z Nation, you wouldn’t believe the number of tears that I have shed because of this show. There are also certain characters that made it hard not to get emotional because they made their screen performance look so real. This show isn’t just about surviving the zombie apocalypse, it's about the bond that forms complete strangers into a family. This show had had an amazing impact on me and honestly, it is just so great.

Z Nation is a sci-fi show produced by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler. The first season which contained 13 episodes first aired September 12, 2014. The topic is basically about how a zombie virus breaks out and it is up to a group of people to get the main character to California to find a cure for humanity. As the group goes on they face several problems, for example, betrayal, heartbreak, and death. They always find a way to overcome anything that is thrown at them, it might not always be the best way to go about it but they always do.

For example, the holder of the cure, Murphy, betrayed the group by biting several humans and creating an army of human-zombie hybrids. An example of heartbreak is one of the other characters, Roberta Warren and Javier Vasquez fall in love but they both choose to go separate ways and they meet up later and Roberta ends up having to kill him. An example of death is Murphy’s daughter Lucy, she tries to save her father from dying and she succeeds but at the price of her own death. Murphy decides to take it out on zombies and begins killing every single zombie that crosses his path. I can’t forget about all the other characters of course. There is Addie, 10k, Doc, and Lucy. They all have formed a strong bond over the past 2 years of the zombie apocalypse and they all managed not to kill each other. Honestly, the cast of Z Nation has inspired me so much and I will continue watching the show.

In conclusion, Z Nation is an excellent show that is getting more and more views every day. If I had one wish it would be me getting to meet the cast of Z Nation and ask them how they did it. Z Nation, in my opinion,  is the best and it will always be the best sci-fi show.

The author's comments:

This show has had a great impact on me.

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