Stranger Things

November 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Stranger Things has become one of the most popular shows. Within the first 35 days their ratings were at 14.07 million adult viewings. My opinion about the show is just like everyone else’s it’s one of my all time favorite shows on Netflix. It’s interesting but scary at the same time. The show also has this special element that draws you in every episode. The way the plot is set up and all the cliffhanger they have. The show in general leaves you on the edge of your seat every time you watch it.

This supernatural drama's main characters are Millie Bobby Brown(Eleven),Gaten Matarazzo(Dustin),Finn Wolfhard(Mike),Caleb McLaughlin(Lucas) and Noah Schnapp(Will). Mike,Dustin and Lucas are on the search for Will and along the way the three boys come across Eleven. She also helps to find Will using her telepathy powers. Together the four of them are on the search for Will.

The first season consists of lots of characters stories. Such as Eleven when she has her flashbacks,Joyce(Will’s mother) when she communicates with Will and sees the Demogorgon. Some other intriguing things are that the people that work in the lab try to cover everything up but the Chief Hopper figures out everything and he helps Joyce,Mike,Eleven,Dustin,and Lucas find Will. The lab is where all the strange thing happen like their is a portal to the Upside Down where the Demogorgon lives and takes his prey.

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