November 27, 2017

Shameless is show that was questioned because of the characters use of drugs and alcohol. After watching the next few season you can really notice all the qualities this show has.It is now seen that this show has a very well thought out plot. Also that the character development in this show is thought out and detailed.

The story line made the show very realistic and relatable.Also the substories of the show connected with each other as a main story. The Frank and Lip story was able to connect with everyone else's substory. Since Lip was becoming an alcoholic and went to jail he obviously affected everyone else's story.

The character development of the show was very thought out. From the beginning to the end it showed how much they were affected by their stories. Most of them were alcoholics and drug addicts by season 7. It is honestly heart breaking seeing the little innocent kids turn into addicts.

Then the dialogue of the characters. It is very realistic and shows a lot of emotion. Whenever they are sad you can hear the sadness in their voice. Also their interactions with each other when they “snap” is truly astonishing.
Obviously this show at first glance seems to be just another show of drugs and alcohol in the hood. Once you get into it it develops into a story of broken people trying to get by with life. This show truly can change many minds once you see some seasons or even episodes

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