November 27, 2017
By Yadira Zauzeta BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Yadira Zauzeta BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Riverdale, a show that’s heavily talked about and has 7.8/10 rating on IMDB. Although it might have some negative talk, it is talked about positively more than not. This show is based on the death of Jason Blossom and the effects that the death. The things that have came along with the death are very impacting. Not only does it cause sadness throughout the small town of Riverdale, but it also brings new relationships and closer bonds. Throughout the show, the people of Riverdale try and bring joy and act as it never happened and that it never truly affected the small town; however, whatever they do, it will never truly make the death and the effects it’s bad will truly never disappear. I like that aspect of the show because although the theme of the show (season 1) is put in a more extreme situation it applies to every single human being in this world. Riverdale shows how we all grief and how we mess up and a lot of other things that come throughout life. Personally I enjoyed the show and it’s become one of my favorites. However if you are sensitive to death, mature-related scenes, scenes related to suicide, and depression I wouldn’t recommend for you to watch the show because it is several scenes where things (as listed) are shown. Another thing about Riverdale that I enjoyed a lot is how you never know what’s going to happen next. There’s always something unexpected or that you think wouldn’t happen, that happens. Personally, I thought that made the show more interesting. However, despite the fact that new relationships and feelings happened, you always had one question in mind “Who killed Jason Blossom?” At times, it did get kind of like “ugh, well this is getting repetitive” because it would be so back and forth but I think that was only me wanting to know who actually killed Jason. Overall though, I would heavily recommend this show because it really is interesting. This show makes you reflect on your life and helps cure your boredom.

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