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November 27, 2017
By Mira04 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Mira04 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The tv show is about a teen, Hannah Baker, who leaves behind tapes explaining why she killed herself and people she believes are responsible. We folow the story through the eyes and ears of Clay Jensen who was in love with Hannah Baker. The show is very emotional and heartbreaking.


The characters are a key component to the story. There are around 12 other characters besides Clay and Hannah which each ahve their own tape. Clay is important to the plot. My main problem with Clay is even though he loves Hannah he also was a bystander. He didnt do anything to stop what was going on. I'm not really a fan of Hannah. You shouldn't blame a victim but she got the story twisted and put unnecessary people on the tape. Alos she witnessed the rape of her friend at the time and she played the victim, but there were times I felt symapth for her. She was sexually assualted multiple times and told by her conselor it was her fault . You can see the characters grow throughout the story. A lot of the characters are relatable because I act and feel the same way as them. The cahracters make this story interesting and unique.


Another component is the storyline. The story really grabs your attention. The story transitions from past to present. There are some major plot twist and they really grab you by surprise. The plot is different from the teenage drama genres. It brings more awarness to suicide and bullying.


The setting and visuals are the last things I want to talk about. I love how the directors chose a high school to shoot at because problems discussed in the show mainly take place in a high school making it realistic. Also the show taking place in a small town helps the plot since it is easier for drama and rumors to spread in small towns. The props were very realistic. The visuals were very graphic when she killed herself and I think they should have toned that scene down a liitle. Overall everything looked great.


I would recommend this show to everyone. The characters, the plot, and visuals are amazing. It shows you that people can be going through a lot and you would not know, and actions can impact someone's life. Despite some minor problems I have with the show it is a must watch.

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