The Ancient Magus' Bride

November 26, 2017
By DoughHam BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
DoughHam BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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This TV show is centered around the two main characters Hatori Chise and Elias Ainsworth that go on an adventure to build their character and to expand on their past. The adventures they embark are with weird magical oddities and supernatural beings, while watching the show it took me through a wild ride of action and emotion. In one episode we see Hatori Chise sign her life away, then Elias Ainsworth swoops in to save the day which led to the start of their adventure.
    The connection between Hatori Chise and Elias Ainsworth shifts around a bit because they start as a master to apprentice relationship, but then as the plot continues it is revealed the Elias doesn’t just want Hatori as an apprentice but also as a bride which really placed a twist on things. This also gives a link to the title of the show and at some points of the show Elias suddenly starts to act really close to Hatori (in a groom to bride kind of way), and Hatori feels sort of uncomfortable during these times. Hatori slowly adapts to Elias’ antics and they become a lot closer.
    Hatori gets into a lot of trouble, such as getting kidnapped and almost getting killed, but fortunately, Elias is keeping his watchful eye on her as he lurks in the shadows. There are a lot of characters that push the story forward such as Lidel who is the current Caretaker of the Dragons’ Aerie, he allowed Hatori to play and converse with some of the dragons, but this led to a super old dragon sharing a final dream of flight with Hatori. Shortly after the dream ends the dragon thanks, Hatori and dies, the resulting death gives Hatori a wave of memories her past that was partially forgotten.

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