13 Reasons Why

November 26, 2017
By IvanV BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
IvanV BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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    I recently started watching a show called “13 Reasons Why” it’s a Netflix original show about Hannah Baker, a young teenager who committed suicide. She left 13 tapes with 13 reasons on why she committed suicide. Each tape explains what someone did to her that led her to kill herself.  I really like the show because it demonstrates how high school is for many teens. The show talks about bullying and what bullying can cause. Which in my opinion is a very important topic to discuss with teenagers. 
    The show had very talented and new actors. The show followed a good plot and story. The characters were well thought out with an interesting story/background. The show left a very compelling cliffhanger for viewers to come back for the next season. While we had a few questions unanswered in the final, we did have many questions answered. The season ended on a very tragic note for many of the characters.
    Even though the show was very controversial, I believe it is a great show. The show made a clear representation of teen bullying. It also demonstrated a very tragic and graphic suicide. The show was able to teach people what bullying can cause to people. The show made a risky but powerful representation of rape. Rape is a very sensitive and difficult topic to address but they were able to display it in a very sentimental way that will make people realize how rape happens and the effects of rape.
    The show was able to portray different angles with the camera. We had views from different angles. The show had a great way of showing us how life was with Hannah by making every scene that has her in a bright yellow light. They used the bright yellow light to represent when she was living. In the scenes were Hannah was dead they used a blue light. The quality of the camera was clear. In some scenes, the lighting was very dull but other than that it had great lighting. 
        The show was able to fit a storyline with many details and meanings in just 13 episodes that last 49-60 minutes each. The show had a very riveting way of presenting its topics. The show was able to captivate viewers and make them want to watch more. The show made a clear representation of bullying, suicide, rape, alcohol and sexual harassment which are topics that are very difficult to bring up in a television show.  The show was incredible with an amazing storyline and interesting characters.

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