Stranger Things

November 26, 2017
By Anonymous

It’s 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana is still recovering from the Demogorgon that took both Will and Barb. We have discovered many secrets from Hawkins Lab that shouldn’t be exposed to the public. Will is now saved from the upside down and eleven disappeared, but what the people of Hawkins did not know that there is still a demonic force after them. If you enjoyed season 1 then you will definitely enjoy season 2.
   As we begin season 2 we are introduced to one of our new characters named Kali Prasada. We are informed that she is very like Eleven with having abilities to make people see or not see whatever she chooses and with the fact that she is number 8 just like Eleven. This is something that I personally loved because of the fact that there are a lot more people like eleven, and that we might be able to meet the rest of the numbers. In episode 2 we now see that Eleven has always been alive but has been hidden for her own safety. Even though there has been the introduction of 2 characters with special abilities there has been one character from the sunny California. Her name is Max, she is now introduced to the group of Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Mike. Even though she is discluded from the group for a long time she is eventually accepted. I did not really enjoy the new character, Max it felt very unnecessary to the storyline and did not add much to the plot. 
  When season 1 ended we have a brief clip of one the characters (Will) spitting out a slug-like creature from his mouth giving us an idea about the monster that will be encountered in season 2. This leads to the discovery of the shadow monster that Will is seeing in his “episodes”. This monster is like a parasite that relies on its host to survive, this just means that in order for the shadow monster to be able to survive it will need a host which is Will that will help it to grow and expand. This is harder than expected for the characters because everything that effects the monster effects Will also, so if the monster dies so does Will. To get this monster out they first have to get rid of the monster that is inside of Will. This was my favorite part of the entire season, as you get further into the episodes you get to see how Will starts to turn evil and goes against his family. Even though he seemed like an innocent good kid he changes throughout the season, this is something that I really enjoyed about getting to see the character evolve.
  I enjoyed season 1 very much but season 2 was even better. There is lot more action and suspense that really gets you more interested in the story. People that are really into sci-fi and mystery shows this is perfect for you. Overall, this show is one of the best and definitely recommend for everyone to watch, it is a binge-worthy show for sure.

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