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November 26, 2017

TV show
Stranger Things by The Duffer Brothers

The new Netflix original Stranger Things is the biggest show at the moment. With lots of action and mystery this is the show everyone is buzzing about. The creators of this show perfectly planned out the show in a way that just gets you hooked. The actors take role of their character and play them amazingly it’s no wonder that this show was a hit.
Taking things back to the 1980s in a town called Hawkins this Science fiction show follows the journey of a girl know as eleven. Eleven was born with a special gift , where she can control things with her mind. When she was just a baby a lab in Hawkins took her away from her mother to be tested on. She later escapes from the lab and goes into the outside world, which she has no knowledge on how it works.
As Eleven faces the world on her own she stumbles upon a group of boys that take her into their care. The boys help eleven adapt to her new surroundings and help her blend in. After Eleven's disappearance from the lab, the men testing on eleven go on a hunt to get her back. The men soon find the boys who are hiding eleven and keep them in close reach. They soon realize eleven is alive and with the boys which causes chaos to break loose. The boys fight to keep eleven safe and eleven fights to make sure the boys stay safe as well.
Eleven, the boys and the men from the lab soon come face to face inside a school. Guns are shot and the kids fun for their lives all around the school. Eleven makes a decision to keep the boys safe and uses her powers to kill all the men from the lab. The men fall to the ground like leaves but eleven then disappears into thin air. The boys cry but know she did what she had to do to keep them safe. And with that the mystery of where eleven went stays unknown.
The creators of the show leave it off with a cliffhanger cause all the watchers to wonder what exactly happened to eleven. With this it is sure to have a new season that will reveal what happened to eleven.

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