Orange Is The New Black

November 26, 2017
By Anonymous

The show that I’m reviewing is Orange is The New Black.  Its first season was premiered in 2013 for Netflix and it is also one of the most watched shows on there. As of now, it has five seasons. I know this show is old but it is new to me. I personally believe this is a great show. I’ve been watching it for around a month and I’m currently in the third season. Onto the show’s details, it takes place in a women’s prison. It mainly focuses on Piper Chapman and how her life has transitioned in prison. In this prison, all the prisoners are all petty and self-centered. They would do anything to stay okay. This show is greatly written and it was based on Piper Kerman’s true experience in prison after laundering money.
What makes this show unique, is that it focuses on a lot of characters, not just the main ones (Piper, Alex, etc.). They describe the prisoner's past experiences and how they got there in prison. Adding to that, all the prisoners cause problems and drama somehow. To me, this is interesting since drama is exciting and addicting. Without some “minor” characters, this show wouldn’t be the same. All the prisoners and guards, contribute to a problem or even a solution.
In Orange is The New Black, a lot of characters are diverse. They’re diverse by ethnicity, sexualities, gender and other things of the sort. This shows representation to people which makes them feel special and represented. There is a lot of shows today that don’t show diversity in its cast, but this one sure defies that problem.
This show is recorded in 1080P and 4K. These video definitions are very clear and regular to see in shows now a day. Each episode is about an hour, and each season consists of 13 episodes. If you are really interested in seeing and completing the show, you will have to set some time aside. However, at the end of the day(s), it will all be worth it.
I will honestly recommend this show to everyone except young ones. It is excellently written and the actors portray the characters amazingly. The only downside to the show is that you’ll have to wait a year for a new season to come out. That really shouldn’t be a problem though, since they will release 13 episodes at once to watch. Also, the actors shouldn’t really force themselves into acting a lot since it is stressful. I had a fun time watching the first two seasons and I hope the remaining three seasons get better.

The author's comments:

I hope that people understand that this show is more than what it seems.

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