Stranger Things, Season One

November 26, 2017
By Jarely Garcia BRONZE, Irving, Texas
Jarely Garcia BRONZE, Irving, Texas
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Stranger Things, Season One

If you’ve experienced strange or weird you haven’t experienced it like Hawkins. Ever claimed that you’ve seen a ghost? Well, things are about to get stranger. The producers of Stranger Things the Duffer brothers were inspired by the era 1990’s. You will get hooked on to this show if you have a passion for the 90’s or perhaps a Sci-fi lover too. For a town that nothing ever happens in, a whole lot happens.
Stranger Things is a story of Will Byers who disappears and his mother a police and his group of friends are investigating his disappearance trying to figure out what happened and some strange project might be involved in some way. Joyce (Will’s Mother) and Jonathan (Will’s Brother) are the first to realize Will is missing. So they ask Hopper (Head Chief of Hawkins)to help find him. Will is unexpectedly snatched into an alternate dimension called the Upside-down by a creature called a Demogorgon. The child (Mike Dustin and Lucas) are greatly affected by the disappearance of Will. For example, a young shave-headed girl arrives and is very mysterious because she doesn’t say much. Her name is Eleven but short for El. Eleven was found by the three boys and they hide her from the horrible men doing experiments on her. In the show, she had flashbacks of experiments done to her. From the government, our understanding Eleven was given the power of Telecanisius because somehow Eleven is connected to the Upside-down.The government will do anything to keep Eleven’s powers out of anyone’s hands. Because keeping Eleven is risky, Dustin and Lucas disagree that she can help.
Don’t catch feelings! Since Mike treats Eleven the nicest, Eleven catches feelings for Mike. Mike is a nerd who doesn’t really get to talk to girls, he feels a certain way about Eleven, also because she returned the favor to him by risking himself by protecting her.What really breaks your heart is that Mike and Eleven can’t be together. I know that sounds really corny but this is teen love to a whole new level. Speaking of love, Jonathan himself has drama. Jonathan is pictured as the loner, although he’s a loner he is put somehow into a love triangle. With Nancy (Mike’s older sister) and Steve (Nancy’s boyfriend).
The character really starts to unfold during this whole investigation. Especially Will’s Mother Joyce she appears to be going crazy doing all these creative but strange things to communicate with her son. Hopper really tries everything he can to find this boy because the more he investigates the more clues and evidence that some kind of project has to be connected to this kids disappearance. Although the kids know about this Eleven girl it was tearing their friendship apart. Mike kept claiming that she could help bring Will back. The children’s performance on the show was gold. Their dialogue was so real like if it was a real crisis.
Overall this show made me love the old days. Although this show takes place in the 90’s this show really tops any movie from the 90’s.The smooth transitions and how the Upside-down looked exactly like the real world.Just don’t watch this show at night the Demogorgon might be in your dreams. Or you’ll fall asleep with a tear in your eye because of all the drama that happens in the small town.Over and out!

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