November 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Where horror meets fantasy, Supernatural is a thrilling mystery TV series certain to keep watchers on edge throughout every episode. Through the adventures of brothers Sam and Dean viewers get a glimpse into the life of a family who spend their time investigating the supernatural. The thrilling urban fantasy has aspects to it that anyone can enjoy.

It all begins when Dean and Sams’ mother goes missing due to what they believe is a demon or some other super natural force. Their father then dedicates his life to finding the truth of what really happened to his wife and his children are quick  follow in his footsteps. While also dealing with extreme super natural forces and demon hunting, we also get a look into the brothers own problematic lives aside from all the excitement.

Besides the extremely fascinating plot development, the overall production of the movie is very eye catching. The camera is pointed in interesting angles that make you feel as if you are there in the moment. This grabs your attention and keeps you interested throughout the entire episode. And the special effects are phenomenal, everything seems so real. All the sound effects and sound tracks really add to the suspense and keep you at the edge of your seat dying to know what happens next. The makeup brings all the supernatural beings to life.

Personally I think this is a great show with an intriguing plot and very well developed characters. I genuinely enjoyed watching this show, it was high quality and overall very entertaining.

While watching the show you’ll most likely find yourself watching one episode, which turns into another and so forth. There are so many twists, surprises and cliffhangers that will always leave you wondering what’s next. So next time you’re scrolling through Netflix wondering what to watch; you’ll know where to go.

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