The Gifted

November 25, 2017
By carlossaenz BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
carlossaenz BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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From the minds of twentieth century fox, comes “The Gifted.” The gifted is a brand new TV show on Fox 4 channel. It defies what we call possible, as it shows people with great powers trying to survive and live a normal life.


If you love or hate the x men then, this show is for you. If you love them then great, because it is in the same universe. If you hate them then, you're happy to know that they are dead!! The show references them to get through you.

The gifted is set in a world with people that have incredible powers living along with other people. These people are referred to as mutants. After a peaceful protest gone wrong, the public's view of mutants was forever changed. Now the government considers almost everything that they do as simply illegal. The show follows a family as their children discover they are born with the x gene, the gene that gives powers making you a mutant, after accidentally destroying the high school. They then have to run from the government frantically in order to be free and not be put in jail. To do this they get help from the mutant underground. The mutant underground is a organization that helps mutants to survive in this world. The government sees this generous organization as a terrorist. Boo!! Now they have to cooperate and help other mutants in need.

This is an exciting and really awesome show. It has something for everyone in the family action, comedy, thrills, mystery, and even romance. The gifted shows some major things wrong in life right now gone worse. It shows political corruption, racism and prejudice. Also, if you think about it hard it can show you some things about yourself.

Overall this is a really great show. It is a new hit tv show. It hasn't had a boring episode as of yet and I doubt it will. So I highly recommend you watch this show.

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