The Vampire Diaries

November 25, 2017
By CamillaM BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
CamillaM BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The vampire diaries is an American supernatural drama television series based on a book by L.J Smith. So, if you want to act smart read the book first and then watch the series, either way, both are great. The tv series takes place in a fictional town of mystic falls. Mystic falls is based on Covington, Georgia which I find very interesting because the town has the same iconic church and the same grill. The show follows the life of Elena Gilbert, a teenage girl, who lost both her parents in a car accident. She goes on to fall in love with a 162-year-old vampire, Stefan Salvatore. Their relationship gets complicated when Stefan’s mysterious and dangerous older brother, Damon Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls. I love the problems and the drama that comes in between Elena’s and Stefan’s relationship because it adds more heat to the whole show. One of the problems in the show was that Damon wanted to bring back his and Stefan old lover, Katherine Pierce a vampire who looks exactly like Elena just with a big attitude. (Elena was a doppelganger) Although Damon was initially a villain in the show and held a grudge against Stefan for turning him into a vampire he later makes peace with him and falls in love with Elena. So basically a love triangle is created between the 3 Elena, Stefan, and Damon. Both Brothers protect Elena throughout the whole series as they face various villains. Something I love about the whole show is what the Salvatore brothers were willing to do to save Elena’s life, which I found very sweet and selfless.

Other storylines in the show include Elena’s younger brother, Jeremy Gilbert. Along with her friends Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Tyler Lockwood, and Matt Donovan. You can’t forget the history teacher Alaric Saltzman whose ex-wife is Elena’s biological mother and a vampire. So interesting!

All the characters go through some type of pain. When I say pain, I mean like losing the love f their life like Elena did when Damon “died” or when Bonnie’s boyfriend, Enzo died. It could also be a death like losing your parents like Elena did or how Stefan lost his niece. What makes the characters even more realistic is the type of clothes and the way they dress thought out the whole show and their red eyes, their bloody fangs, the sunlight rings to protect them from the sun and the unforgettable face after they sucked someone’s blood out.

I just love the whole show with all its characters, I feel like it really brings it to “life” when it based Mystic falls to an actual town. I could definitely re-watch the whole show and wouldn’t be bothered by it. Its like she struggles to choose between Stefan and Damon, her whole world turns upside down, that’s what I find very interesting and fascinating. All in all, despite its flaws, every episode has a mystery to it, it's hard to guess what's going to happen. Believe me at the end of every episode, maybe even in between commercials, you begin to speculate what the end possibilities could be. What I hate is how people compare it to Twilight or other vampire shows/movies because they aren’t the same in my opinion the vampire diaries is better than twilight and I think that shows shouldn’t be compared to other shows because they are all unique, really.

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