The Walking Dead

November 24, 2017
By jimeluna BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
jimeluna BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The Walking Dead is an American TV series. The show is about a group led by Rick, the main character, who has been able to survive the zombie apocalypse.

There have been many characters in The Walking Dead. The original cast includes Daryl, Rick, Merle, Glenn, Maggie, Carol, Carl, Lori, Beth, Shane, Andrea, Hershel, Dale, Theodore, and Amy.  The cast has changed over the seasons. Many characters have died, and others came along the way. Only 5 characters remain from the original cast. Killing off a major character has made The Walking Dead a dramatic and suspenseful TV series. The characters are all different, but they have one thing in common, they want to survive. My favorite was Glenn. Glenn was a character who was loving, humorous, and a fighter. Most characters fight to live and fight for their family.  Though there are many protagonists, there have also been many antagonists.

The first "antagonist" would be the Walkers. Walkers are zombies. The Walkers may not have a mind, but they have proven to be deadly. Walkers have killed about 1/3 of the original cast. The Walkers are a major problem, but they aren’t the most dangerous. Rick once said, to fight the dead, but fear the living. The first living antagonist in the show was The Governor. The Governor was the leader of a group called Woodbury. The Governor wanted to take Rick's home and supplies. Of course, Rick wouldn’t go down without a fight. The fight caused the death of many people including the Governor himself. Another antagonist would be a group of survivors called Terminus. Terminus lured survivors, killed them, and then ate them. Rick had been captured by Terminus, and nearly killed if Carol wouldn't have saved him. The most recent antagonist is Negan. Negan is the leader of the Saviors. The Saviors took over Ricks’ group and took half of what they owned. The Saviors have an ally called The Scavengers. The Scavengers join The Saviors to fight Rick, but of course, they lost.

The groups all live in Atlanta, Georgia. The apocalypse started around 3 years ago which marked the time when civilization stopped. The world is slowly deteriorating. Most of the survivors find a protected place and settle down.  Living has become really hard because the world hasn't changed in 3 years.

The Walking Dead has 5 out of 5 stars in my book. The show brings the characters to life. Any character in The Walking Dead can be killed off. 

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